Wanted: Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild


To be arrested to bring to justice

Posted Bounty: $500,000

Bounty code: B4J.000.006

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Current total of pledges/donations: $1,000.00

Wanted for:

  • Psychological warfare, subversion, defamation and intimidation through the Institute for Jewish Policy Research and Yad Hanadiv; especially but not limited to falsely attributing acts of antisemitism to groups of people and false labeling of, as antisemitic, groups of people
  • Participation in and funding of illegal occupation of, and illegal oil trading in, the Golan Heights which (in)directly funds and directly facilitates illegal proxy warfare and acts of terrorism waged and committed by the UNEI alliance (US, NATO, EU and Israel) and its operatives and representatives in Syria
  • Facilitating and advocating illegal occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel through the real estate that houses the Israeli Knesset, Supreme Court and National Library
  • Collusion, illegal cooperation
  • Conspiring in the build up of, and in the coverup of facts relating to, the financial meltdown of 2007 and the respective post era
  • Conspiring in the coverup of facts relating to CO2 emissions and carbon trading fraud

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