The Round-op Alpha BOUNTIES FOR JUSTICE campaign is the world’s most valuable asset in the fight against high-level and high-profile crimes committed by politicians, heads of governments, private financiers, corporate executives and operatives and intergovernmental representatives. Through Bounties for Justice people from around the world can contribute to effectively bringing to justice those individuals listed at Bounties for Justice.

Contributing to Bounties for Justice can be done in the following ways:

  • Pledge/donate to one or more bounties set for each listed individual in order to have effective arrests executed
  • Spread Bounties for Justice campaign material – such as banners and pamphlets – both online and in your every-day community
  • Organize and execute non violent citizens arrests of the listed individuals to collect the posted bounties
  • Where citizens arrests are being sabotaged, mobilize law enforcements to investigate those matters and urge them in cooperating with the execution of the arrests of listed individuals. Law enforcement officials are required to uphold the laws that the listed individuals have violated, no matter what.

Bounties for Justice is an international initiative and only lists high-level and high-profile individuals deemed, by the people, guilty of serious crimes. Round-op Alpha has the mandate to operate in the names of the people that recognize and support Round-op Alpha mission statements and initiatives.

Round-op Alpha was incorporated on April 6, 2014, as a special international non-governmental justice agency (S.I.N.G.J.A). In order to enable effective operations, and given the exceptional nature of our purpose, it is imperative that we operate as a sovereign agency (community) under international law. This provides us with an enforceable jurisdiction over our own activities which together with our sovereignty must be respected by any and all sovereign nations, communities, organizations, entities, groups and individuals.

Bounties for Justice and Round-op Alpha are not affiliated with any external government or intergovernmental body; nor do Bounties for Justice and Round-op Alpha recognize the United Nations, the EU and NATO – including the United Nations System and all affiliated and specialized agencies and subsidiaries of aforementioned institutions – as lawful entities due to the nature of these institutions and due to the continuing crimes committed by them.

Bounties for Justice and Round-op Alpha seek the prosecution of the listed individuals in independent courts established and operated by citizens not affiliated with any government or aforementioned institutions. In addition, we seek the full revocation of the diplomatic immunity and all privileges enjoyed by aforementioned institutions and their representatives.