Posted bounties are set at (US)$500,000 and may be increased based on received pledges and contributions

Posted bounties at Bounties for Justice are acquired through crowdfunding initiatives. However, due to the nature of our initiatives and the high profile of the listed individuals we cannot deploy most standard and popular mechanisms to collect the required funds. It is needless to try to imagine that embedded scripts, plugins and widgets at our website get manipulated by outside forces beyond our control who seek the censoring and failure of our operations, in order to retain a status quo and a free pass for the listed individuals. Also the possibility that third party crowdfunding services will delete and ban affiliated Bounties for Justice campaigns from their websites is too great and in such events we would be losing a lot of time and waste efforts enormously. Should there be any third party service willing to facilitate Bounties for Justice then we invite those to contact us.

Therefore, all pledges and donations are direct actions that only involve (electronic) communication and direct donations, without the use of third party software to process pledges and donations with the only exceptions being PayPal and Bitcoin. Aside from these contribution options bounty donations can also be transferred through international money transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyGram.

Round-op Alpha has already built a reputation of being sincere and transparent and we intend to further establish this reputation internationally. Bounties for Justice therefore revolves around people putting trust in our intentions and operations, the alternative to this is the current society we are experiencing every day with the listed individuals continuing their crimes – obviously that is not working and, thus, needs to be addressed accordingly.

As a consequence, this customized approach requires a lot more offline processing but in the end that is the only feasible solution for an operation like Bounties for Justice.