To be arrested to bring to justice

Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Posted Bounty $500,000

Jacob Rothschild: Posted Bounty $500,000

Barack Obama: Posted Bounty $500,000

Hillary Clinton: Posted Bounty $500,000

William (Bill) Clinton: Posted Bounty $500,000

George Bush Jr.: Posted Bounty $500,000

Benjamin Netanyahu: Posted Bounty $500,000


News and Updates

June 15, 2015

Today Round-op Alpha launched BOUNTIES FOR JUSTICE, a new initiative that seeks to broaden the awareness about our initial mission objectives – to organize and execute the non violent arrests of high level and high profile criminals.

At Bounties for Justice we post bounties that aim to stimulate the actual execution of arrests through financial compensations based on crowdfunding donations. Posted bounties are real and will be forwarded accordingly when 1) a bounty has been fully funded; AND 2) an arrest has successfully been executed.

Every day, starting June 15, additional bounties will be posted for new entries. We currently aim at minimum 75 listed individuals at Bounties for Justice, totaling to an amount of minimum $37,500,000. All initial bounties are set at $500,000.

For the launch of Bounties for Justice we were able to secure a first sponsor who has pledged $1,000 for each of the first 25 posted bounties. It is partially her idea to launch an initiative like Bounties for Justice. We thank this person for her trust and strong support and we hope her contributions will eventually lead to actual justice.